Flippin’ Tarboosh
On June 26, 2019 | 0 Comments

Flippin’ Tarboosh is a collaboration between The Flip Side & Tarboosh Records. Flippin’ Tarboosh is a gathering of some of the regions best beat makers. Each Episode features DJ sets by some of our DXB selectors as well as live beats by some of the UAE’s finest beat-makers. The purpose for this event is to give the local Hip-Hop talent a chance to be heard and given a platform to shine. Previous guests include A’Y – (HRMNY Founder – Mohflowmusic), SWERTE – (THE RECIPE), NILERHYTHMIK – (AD/SUDAN), LECT – (AD), BEATBOX RAY – (URS), SAJI S ALI – (SUDAN), ESSARAI (264CRU), AELI (TRAPPED BEASTS), MC HYPE – (WASTA RADIO) &. AMBA MC (TARBOOSH RECORDS) (UK). DJs have included our homies MAZ – (ANTHLGY), E-RATIC DREAMER , BEN ECHO & DAN GREENPEACE – (ALL CITY). Flippin’ Tarboosh is here to quench your thirst for all things Boom-Bap related. Big-Ups to our man Frez..



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