Immerse yourself in the culture and love of vinyl.

Flipside DXB is Dubai’s first independent vinyl shop. Located in the heart of the city’s up and coming art and design district, Al Serkal Avenue, the shop will share music from all corners of the world. Being run by musicians and DJs means that the shop will also play a role in promoting and empowering the local music scene.

More than a shop, Flipside DXB will be a musical hub and space for musicians and artists in the city. The Dubai community will be able to watch weekly documentaries about music, enjoy in-store performances and local bands can use Flipside DXB’s rehearsal space to hone their skills.

The Flipside DXB is driven by the belief that music is a powerful force in bringing people together, and that is why the vinyl collection will always be used as a starting point to educate people about different musical and cultural practices. Visitors to the shop will never be treated as consumers, but will be seen as partners in Dubai’s growing cultural sphere.

Come to Flipside DXB and immerse yourself in the culture and love of vinyl, the music that it holds, and the artists behind it.