The Shady Shadow Show
On May 9, 2018 | 0 Comments

The Shady Shadow Show came into existence in 2013. During its first 4 Episodes it was known as “The Shady Shadow” on The Crate. After a little hiatus it returned to the “The Shady Shadow Shack”.
SSS is one of two things. Its either a radio show that happens to be a party or a party disguised as a radio show. After over 38 episodes it has yet to be determined.
The Shady Shadow show features some of Dubai’s finest selectors, diggers & straight-up misfits. It has also featured some fine international talent including Jannis “Habibi funk” & Eli “Soul Clap”
Expect a lot of banter, the finest music selection and some of the most outrageous flyers you can lay your eyes on. If you know about SSS or have been able to experience one at The Shady Shadow Shack then i’m wasting my writing this. If you know, you KNOW..
Take a ride with Shady Shadow & transform your life. You know you want to.


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