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JICO Club Improved (Shure N-447 replacement) Cartridge

JICO Club Improved (Shure N-447 replacement) Cartridge

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JICO's N44-7 replacement stylii are the perfect alternative to Shure's defunct N44-7. Made in Japan by hand, each stylus is created with the exact specifications of the original model. These stylii perform just as well as the N44-7, even in interpreting Serato circles on control vinyl. With Shure discontinuing their phono line, these are the best option for those looking to replace their N447's. Highly recommended by our staff.

  • 0.7 mil conical diamond tip for high fidelity
  • Made in Japan, genuine JICO stylus with each stylus quality inspected & sound tested
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy cantilever
  • 3.5 - 4.5 g tracking force
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